Dec 1, 2008

Entertainment - Farhan's next

MUMBAI: Director-turned-actor Farhan Akhtar has postponed his next directorial venture to act in a new film, a psychological thriller that will be made by debutant Vijay Lalvani.

"My 'Voice From The Sky' is currently being pushed forward a bit. My partner Riteish Sidhwani and I are producing a film that will star me in it. We start in March. Honestly, I'd have liked nothing better right now than to direct 'Voice From The Sky'. But it's a period film and requires a huge budget. And this doesn't seem to be the right time for it," Farhan said.

The actor-director decided on this script after Lalvani came and met him. And he is more than happy about the role he has landed.

"It was a really good script. At the same time the economic logistics of 'Voice From The Sky' were not working out. I've a great role in the film. And that's what finally tilted the scale towards taking up an acting assignment again after 'Rock On' instead of directing another film," Farhan said.

Farhan and Riteish Sidhwani would be joining hands with Surge Entertainment to produce the thrilled.

Meanwhile, Farhan is nervous about his sister Zoya's directorial debut.

"'Luck By Chance' is ready for release. We're putting it into theatres either on Jan 23 or Jan 30 next year. Am I nervous? More than I was when my own directorial debut 'Dil Chahta Hai' was about to release," he said.

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