Aug 13, 2008

Health - Finalyl a pill to cure common cold

LONDON: Got a cold? Now, you can get rid of it by simply popping a pill.

Scientists have long grappled for ways to cure common cold. Now, an international team has developed a drug which it claims can be effective against bugs that cause half of colds in adults and almost all colds in children.

According to researchers in UK, the cold-busting pill known as BTA798 could be used to clear up sniffles in healthy people and prevent any kind of life-threatening infections in asthma and cystic fibrosis sufferers.

In fact, the drug works by latching on to cold-causing HRV, preventing them from breaking into the body's cells and causing infection. In a double-pronged attack, it also stops any infection from spreading, the Daily Mail reported.

In laboratory tests, the drug killed large quantities of cold virus within a couple of hours. And, trials on British volunteers have started to determine whether it could prevent people from catching a cold. If successful, the drug could hit the markets in five years' time.

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