Aug 14, 2008

Mktg - GE & brandbuilding initiatives at Beijing

MUMBAI: At the ongoing Olympic Games in Beijing, General Electric (GE) has been working around the clock to make sure all 37 official Beijing Olympic venues have a variety of essentials, power and lighting being key among them.

But this isn’t the company’s first time around the block. GE director of PR Deirdre Latour says, “It is a great opportunity for us to build our brand around the world in key cities like Beijing, Vancouver and London. And the values of the Games align with the values of GE.”

One of GE’s strategies is to provide environmentally advanced technologies to the Games from cleaner energy generation and water purification to efficient lighting technology.

And they are doing that by providing water recycling technologies to the National Stadium as well as supplying more than 100 wind turbines to wind farms north of Beijing, which will supply energy to the Olympic central area.

On-site, GE is showcasing its innovative technology via its Imagination Centre. The 1,500 square-metre pavilion allows visitors to see first-hand the pioneering solutions GE created in order to help Beijing host the largest, most technologically advanced Olympic Games to date.

Latour adds, “The Imagination Centre brings to life GE’s sponsorship of the Beijing Games. It showcases our innovative technologies like wind, water and lighting that have contributed to building the infrastructure of all 37 venues and 168 commercial buildings around Beijing.”

The two-storey building features an outdoor waterfall and interactive tour and is located in the Sponsor Village on the Olympic Green. It is open daily to the public till 24 August. After the Games, the Centre will be moved and installed in the lobby of the new GE-China headquarters in Shanghai

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