Aug 12, 2008

Me - Long Time!


I know , i know .It's been ages since i wrote.Guess it got more to do with reading than anything else.I have been reading more.There is so much to read & so little time guys/gals.

Thank you to everyone who posts comments.It always is good to hear the readers opinions.I still haven't publicised the blog to a lot of my friends but it is good to know there are quite a lot of people whom i don't even know reading it.

We crossed 1000 posts today.So that is some news.Think we have had 40 odd days of posting articles ,so that would mean a healthy average of 25 per day.Way to go huh .

Think my reading speed is going up the hill at the speed of a ferrari,will have to work on it more so that there are more posts for all of us to read.

So till next time Happy Readin



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