Aug 29, 2008

Entertainment - Eva proud of her nipslip

Eva Mendes has said that she’s proud of her controversial Calvin Klein TV ad that has been banned because it showed too much of her nipple. The Hollywood star, who was recently in Sydney to launch the 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty event, has been causing a stir over the Calvin Klein perfume ads. "It makes me more proud," quoted Eva, as saying about the ban. The Ghost Rider star , who has done a number of nude shoots over the years, said she was not worried the latest would overshadow her acting career. "I'm sure if it was for some kind of independent brand that wasn't as iconic as Calvin Klein I don't think I would have done it because that's too much of a risk," Mendes said. "But when its Calvin Klein and it's (fashion photographer) Steve Meisel shooting you and you get to be a part of this amazing iconic brand and their legacy you just kind of go for it,” she said. The ad, which shows Eva rolling around in a bed with a sheet wrapped around her, has been banned in the US, UK and Australia.

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