Aug 29, 2008

Fun - Build your own Taj Mahal

Danish toy-maker Lego is launching build-yourself models of the Taj Mahal, consisting of as many as 5,922 pieces, including the monument’s intricate minarets, domes and finials next month.“The Taj Mahal is known all over the globe for its incredible beauty and elegance,” the 74-year-old toy-maker, whose name means ‘play well’ in Danish, said. “Now, you can recreate this modern wonder of the world for yourself! Designed for experienced builders, the Lego Taj Mahal model features advanced building techniques, rare elements and colours, and realistic details of architecture.”Priced at $299.99 (over Rs.12,000), the model is a little over 16 inches tall and more than 20 inches wide. The company is targeting young people above 14 years of age as well as adults for the latest offering.The white marble structure is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture and figures among the seven new wonders of the world, with more than 100 million votes. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it attracts some four million tourists from within the country and overseas each year.

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