Aug 30, 2008

Lifestyle - Kitchen Kills

You may be using your kitchen sponge and the dishrag for the maximum cleaning work. However, these two are also in fact the hub for majority of germs and hence, it's even more important to disinfect them. If not paid adequate attention , you may only end up transferring germs from one part of the kitchen to another. Cleaning the sponge or the cloth solely with water is not enough. Make sure you also throw the same into the microwave for a couple of minutes. It helps kill germs in the crevices that are often left untouched. Consciously try and replace the rag every week. Keep it dry when it's not in use.

The tap faucet and the handles of the refrigerator doors are also high on the germ count. Use a disinfectant regularly to wipe these areas. In fact, do it several times a day. The cutting board Since your cutting board comes in frequent contact with raw vegetables and meat, it is extremely susceptible to germs and other bacteria. What makes it worse is that most people don't even consider it necessary to disinfect the cutting board. As a rule of thumb, never use the same cutting board for vegetables and meat without disinfecting it. Even better; use separate boards. Key areas such as the refrigerator and the microwave that frequently come in contact with food must be kept clean.

Take an old toothbrush, put baking soda on it and clean the drain of your kitchen sink thoroughly. There's a high risk of germs from this area being passed on to other parts of the house as well. Don’t mix glasses At home, it can get extremely difficult to keep track of who drinks from which glass. When taking precautions becomes all the more important (for example during monsoon and flu season), opt for paper cups. To make sure that the cups don't get mixed, you can go for a colour code method and assign a specific colour to each family member.

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workhard said...

THis is a good post.thanks for putting it up.. sometimes little things like these skip our minds.. i think im gonna have a major cleaning job done in my kitchen...

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