Aug 29, 2008

Me - Hello

Hello ,

Iam keeping my word of writing a few words once in a while.This week is been good.We for the first time crossed 300 posts in a single week.That is an average of over 50 posts a day.Iam hoping people who read here are liking the articles posted.Please do feel free to comment on the articles posted.Any suggestions/changes,anything you want to comment on,please do.

Life/work is the same..Iam off for a movie called - Rock On.It is the only hindi movie i have been looking forward to watch this year.So will let you people know how it shaped up.Btw bro got some visitors from here.He says "Thank you".
Keep visiting.

I kinda like his funny take on things around.My colleague/friend shyam fell off the chair reading his Chinese farmer strays onto walk & wins bronze article.

Hope all of you have a fun-filled weekend.We work on saturdays :-( ,so will be posting a few more tommorrow.The time here is 1906 hrs IST.

So till next time , Happy Readin


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