Aug 30, 2008

India - Tobacco warning from Nov.30

NEW DELHI: The Centre late on Thursday night issued a notification making pictorial health warnings on all tobacco products mandatory from November 30.
Describing it as an achievement, Union Health and Family Minister Anbumani Ramadoss told The Hindu that the manufacturers have been given three months to switch over to the new packaging. According to the notification, 40 per cent of the packaging space will carry the pictorial warning on all tobacco products, including cigarettes and beedis. Cigarette and beedi packs will carry the message “Smoking Kills” in white font on a red background; the chewing tobacco products will say “Tobacco Kills”. The message will be in English and a regional language, should be clearly visible and no part of it covered or hidden when the packet is sealed. No tobacco product will be sold unless it carries the health warning.

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