Sep 19, 2008

Entertainment - Madhuri to return with Ek Do Teen

If our source is to be believed Madhuri Dixit is all set to return to the screen with an item song in John Matthew Matthan’s next film, A Love Iiisshtory which toplines Himesh Reshammiya and Niharika Singh.

Reportedly, Reshammiya plays a tapori in the film, a la Aamir Khan of Rangeela.

What’s more the singer-actor who’s a stuntman is a huge fan of Aamir Khan and even impersonates Munna from Rangeela.

Remixed number
“In Tezaab we saw Madhuri dancing to the chartbuster, Ek do teen. She’ll be grooving to the same tune again. The only difference is that this time Himesh will be joining her on stage,” informs the source.

When contacted Reshammiya acknowledged that he would be dancing to a remix of the Ek do teen number in A Love Iisshtory but couldn’t confirm whether Dixit had been roped in for it.

He said, “This must be a sudden development. I wasn’t aware that any actress had been finalised for this item number. You’ll have to speak to John.” The director was unavailable for comment.

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