Sep 18, 2008

Me - Hi


How are you.Hope everyone is doing great.It is good to see a lot of traffic at the blog.We are averaging over 500 hits a day.

Onam was at my granny's place.Was fun.Will post a few pics this weekend.Onam in Kerala is huge - So huge that in one week,people in god's own country gulped a little over 250 crores worth Alcohol.ha ( Now beat that!)

Big thank you to everyone who keeps visiting & also to the people who are passionate about commenting on an article of their liking.Btw my bro ( Check out my Do Read Columns) thanks people who visit his site. ( He says he gets a few hits from spoonfeedin).Iam also contemplating starting a Food & Beverage blog.Have got a blog name ready ( spoonfoodin,ha - easier to remember).

Hope everyone visiting enjoy readin as much as i enjoy posting.So Keep Readin.

Till next time - Enjoy Readin & Have a great week/end.


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